Identity Column


Part of what makes us human
is our ability to be aware of our own existence, to both live and to reflect on our own lives. It is this capacity for self-awareness that allows us to see our authentic selves and build our own identity, rather than letting others dictate who we are and what we do with our lives. Inevitably, however, the stresses and routine of daily life can get in the way of this self-reflection.

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Passport to Freedom
Stedman Graham has taught Identity Development around the world and coached everyone from world leaders to small business owners gain a better understanding of who they are, build a well-developed personal identity and become more focused as they work toward their goals.

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Identity Leadership
For more than 15 years, S. Graham and Associates has provided the ultimate in success training through the 9-Step Success Process developed by Stedman Graham. Now Graham introduces a process built on the 9 Steps to realize your leadership potential through Identity Development. The Identity Leadership Seminar challenges fundamental assumptions about leadership in the 21st century.

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