Seminars - Stedman Graham; Best Selling Author, Educator, Entrepreneur

S. Graham and Associates offers public and private ½ day, full day and two-day seminars to develop Identity Leadership.

½ Day Seminar

For an introduction to Identity Leadership with Stedman Graham, including exercises and lessons to gain the tools to develop your identity, leadership skills and life plan.

Full Day Seminar

Go further in-depth finding out who you are and who you want to be, what the tools are for success as a leader and in life, and come away with a plan.

Two-Day Seminar

Gain all of the skills for Identity Leadership Development in a comprehensive series of activities, exercises and lessons. Strengthen who you are, become an effective leader and build a plan for future success.

For Young People

From students who strive for greater academic achievement to those simply in need of reasons to stay in school, this manual for success gives young people–in language they can understand–a road map, teaching them how to choose goals and showing them how to develop the strategies to reach them.

Stedman Graham’s Teens Can Make It Happen seminar, based on his New York Times bestseller by the same name, adapts the process he developed as a plan for success in his own life to help young people succeed as students and in life. Graham encourages young people to be intentional about their own self-awareness and shows them how to discover the personal strength required to be successful in any area of life, in spite of the challenges they may have in their lives. The book details Graham’s step-by-step plan designed to motivate students to stay in school and give them the tools they need for academic performance. Lessons accompanied by interactive exercises help students slowly build a plan beginning with goal-setting and continuing with a happy, productive life into the future.