identity leadership™ in the community


As the natural heroes of our youth and communities, athletes play a key role in creating positive examples and messaging. In 1985, Stedman Graham founded Athletes Against Drugs, engaging 500 professional athletes and celebrities to help encourage youth in healthy life decisions, living drug-free and developing life skills needed for positive economic, academic and professional development.

Not only does AAD help fight the poverty cycle in which many minority and disadvantaged youth are placed—but it also fights the crime cycle, in which gangs and prisons become the destination for kids without healthy alternatives.

Working with schools, corporations, and athletic organizations, AAD creates ways to “give back” to our youth.  Programs include literacy, health, sports, leadership, scholarship and life skill training. For more than 30 years, AAD has reached out and offered a hand up to hundreds of thousands of young men and women.


A small, historically black town in Cape May County, New Jersey, has transformed through this grassroots organization into a strong and vibrant community. As a “native son” of the town, Stedman Graham has played a key role in engaging residents, organizations and educators in the development work. They have built a $1.4 million community center, attracted $800,000 in grant funds to refurbish the local school, and another $50,000 grant to preserve the history of the area. Voter registration drives, senior citizen services, academic scholarships for youth, and recreational programs have been developed. An annual Reunion Festival helps build community pride, conveying the vision of a strong Whitesboro for years to come. 


From Oceanside, California, the Quantum Learning Network of Bobbi DePorter partnered with Stedman Graham and Associates to involve community leaders from all areas to empower youth success from many angles and sectors. 


Founded in 1997, the Concerned Citizens of Lake Waccamaw supports the growth of physical, economic and social aspects of the Waccamaw Siouan People and surrounding communities in the Southeastern area of North Carolina. The St. James area is a mix of ethnic peoples and the CCSW sponsors efforts to support education, community programs and a community center there. Stedman Graham has been a key supporter of the CCLW. 

A Message From Stedman Graham


“For more than 30 years, I have been writing books, teaching in colleges, working in communities, leading non-profits and speaking at workshops throughout the world. In all that time, I have come to know one thing: leadership is everything. The needs of the 21st century cannot be met by followers.”

“The world is changing at warp speed, and people must be able to stand on a solid platform of self-awareness, equipped with the tools required for self-leadership that allow them to adapt to the ever-changing technologies, ideologies and circumstances of their lives. Before you lead others, you must first be able to lead yourself.”

“Participants in the Identity Leadership program improve their performance, increase their lifelong learning capacity and change their mind-set from that of a follower to that of a leader. The program produces results: people become self-motivated leaders in their lives, inspired by their dreams and their values. Further, they inspire themselves to succeed, no longer dependent on outside forces for motivation or discipline. People who understand Identity Leadership develop the capacity to reassure and motivate themselves. They are self-reliant. They learn to self-execute valuable, thoughtful actions, often creating innovative ideas that revolutionize their personal and professional effectiveness. The world needs leaders who understand the importance of self-awareness, self-discipline and self-leadership. We need people who know themselves to lead organizations from the idea of commerce for commerce’s sake to the new paradigm of success based on integrity and with self-actualized individuals at the helm.”

Individuals should not be defined by their circumstances, but only by their possibilities.”

— Stedman Graham, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

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