Stedman Graham Identity Leadership™

Identity Leadership is self- leadership, it is based on the philosophy that you cannot lead others until you first lead yourself.


Never have the peoples of our world had a greater need for identity and leadership. A clearly defined methodology that has the ability to transform people’s perceptions of themselves, the world around them and their place in that world.

Identity leadership is the highest order of leadership. It is likely to become the “different kind of leadership” that is required in the 21st Century – found in people of high potential who are aware of their own intentions and identity, who responsibly lead themselves to overcome obstacles in their lives, and, as a result, lead others to succeed in driving organization’s growth.

“You are not your circumstances; you are your possibilities” — Stedman Graham

Identity Leadership Nine Step Success Process

1. CHECK YOUR IDENTITYBefore deciding what to do in life, you must first understand who you are, what influences your life, and why you think and act the way you do.
2. CREATE YOUR VISIONYour vision is your life’s destination. A well-defined vision helps you to find meaningful and achievable goals. Design a powerful future based on possibility rather than on circumstance.
3. DEVELOP YOUR TRAVEL PLANIn order to fulfill your vision, you must create a plan of action. By working toward goals through a solid plan of action based on your identity, you learn to assert power over your life.
4. MASTER THE RULES OF THE ROADGuidelines keep you on track as you engage in the pursuit of betterment. Learn to use the positive power of honesty, hard work, determination and other solid values to guide you as you journey to your dreams.
5. STEP IN TO THE OUTER LIMITSTo grow, you have to leave your comfort zone, confront fears and take risks. Learn how to overcome fear and step outside of what has become comfortable and familiar to you.
6. PILOT THE SEASONS OF CHANGEIf you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting the same results. Learn how to create change and, even more importantly, how to manage your responses to change.
7. BUILD YOUR DREAM TEAMNo one makes it alone. Learn how to build supportive relationships to help you work toward your goals. You learn the value of trust and the importance of being trustworthy.
8. WIN BY A DECISIONWho you are in this world is largely the result of the decisions you have made in the past. Learn how to make the right choices for your future to overcome one of life’s greatest and most worthy challenges.
9. COMMIT TO YOUR VISIONWhen you devote your time and energy on a consistent basis to the pursuit of your goals and your vision, you discover that commitment is something you live by, and you realize that you renew it each and every day.


Self-leadership is not about being self-centered or selfish. It is about realizing that we literally cannot give to others what we do not have ourselves.

Identity Leadership principles help you to define, plan and prepare with intention and direction by building a framework for professional growth based on results, performance and excellence. The program teaches that progress begins with you.

The need for “leaders at all levels” is one of the twelve critical issues identified in the Global Human Capital Trends of 2014 survey published by Deloitte University Press. The survey highlights that “leadership remains the No. 1 talent issue facing organizations around the world,” with 86% of survey respondents rating it “urgent” or “important.”

The survey noted indicates that “companies face new leadership challenges, including developing Millennials and multiple generations of leaders, meeting the demand for leaders with global fluency and flexibility, building the ability to innovate and inspire others to perform, and acquiring new levels of understanding of rapidly changing technologies and new disciplines and fields.”

Identity Leadership is authentically leading others with the skills we’ve developed for ourselves. Christopher Avery, on the importance of self-leadership, says, “Today’s workers respond to leaders who are authentic, real, principled, responsible, inspired, and courageous.” Leading yourself is 95% of leading others.

Identity Leadership is the highest order of leadership. It is likely to become the “different kind of leadership” that is required in the 21st century—found in people who are aware of their own intention and identity, who responsibly lead themselves to overcome obstacles in their own lives and, as a result, lead others to succeed in driving organizational growth.

Without a strong identity, we are more likely to be carried by the influence of our environment into a future requiring very little reflection or development. At S. Graham & Associates, we know that addressing the leadership gap at every organizational level is critical for to the success of the entire organization. We have to understand the nature of true leadership to close the leadership gap. True leaders are not looking to posture; true leaders are looking to make a difference and to fulfill their mission in life and business.

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